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Introducing MDSA® Components.

The latest and most versatile Anti-Snoring/Sleep Appliance available is made with the MDSA® components.

The MDSA® concept was designed in conjunction with Australia's leading Dentist's, Sleep Physician's and Dental Technician's to overcome the limitations of all other appliances available to treat the needs of their patients.

Over the last 10 years the MDSA® concept has been subjected to extensive scientific and clinical testing and evaluations.

Efficacy of Positive Airways Pressure and Oral Appliance in Mild to
Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Barnes et al.
Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med., 0 (2004), p. 200311157,

This paper published AJRCCM online 16/6/04 confirms the efficacy and effectiveness of the MDSA® it now has published medical evidence to support its use as an alternative to CPAP.


The efficacy of currently – recommended treatments is uncertain in patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (apnea – hypopnea index 5-30). A group of 114 sleep clinic patients with apnea- hypopnea index 5-30 have participated in a randomized controlled crossover trial of 3 months treatment with each of nasal continuous positive airways pressure, a mandibular advancement splint and a placebo tablet. Outcomes were sleep fragmentation and hypoxemia, daytime sleepiness, quality of life, neurobehavioral function and blood pressure.

Both active treatments improved sleep outcomes, but positive pressure had a greater effect.

Quality of life, symptoms and subjective but not objective sleepiness improved to a similar degree with both treatments, however many of the improvements seen in the neuropsychological function and mood were no better then the placebo effect.

Some aspects of nocturnal blood pressure were improved with the splint but not with continuous positive airway pressure.

This study has shown that although both continuous positive airways pressure and mandibular advancement splint effectively treated sleep-disorder breathing and sleepiness, the expected response in neurobehavioral function was incomplete. This may be due to the splint having a lesser therapeutic effect, and the continuous positive airways pressure being poorly tolerated and therefore used less in this patient group.

(Products used; CPAP Resmed Australia. Oral Appliance MDSA® supplied by RJ & VK Bird Pty
For full overview of trial click the link under

This independent NH & MRC funded trial now confirms the unique features and clinical benefits of the Australian, designed and manufactured MDSA® and sets it apart from other splints that have not been compared to the Gold Standard (CPAP) and placebo in a randomized controlled cross over trial.

The versatility/comfort and patient acceptance of the MDSA® meant that only 5 out of 99 patients had teeth unsuitable for the MDSA® and could not be fitted with the appliance. Only a further 2 could not tolerate. Acclimatization period was 1-3 weeks maximum for patients. This is far less than previously reported for Orthodontic type oral appliances (19.7±8.8weeks range 5 - 40 weeks, Mehta etal AJRCCM Vol 163 2001) - ( 8±4weeks range 2 - 22weeks, Helen Gotsopoulos et al AJRCCM Vol 166 2002)

The trial also confirmed that the MDSA design does not impede tongue space when the jaw is advanced. The AHI increase in uncontrolled oral appliance trials has been attributed to a problem with the design of the oral appliance: however we found that significantly fewer subjects had an AHI increase with the MDSA® than with placebo.The trial showed that 2.6% of patients were non responders with the splint the same as for CPAP.

Download full copy of trial PDF Version Click

Download full PDF copy of trial Online Supplement Click

The MDSA® component based appliance is now the appliance of choice.

It is protected by International Trade Mark registrations, Patents and Registered Designs in selected country's.

Manufactured from patients own impressions using dual laminate hard/soft splinting material ensures the greatest retention, comfort and durability for the wearer.

An appliance manufactured with the MDSA® Components offers easy titration, full lateral and controlled vertical movement and exceptional ease in inserting each night.

Patient can insert the TOP plate (which includes the Adjustor Component), then the BOTTOM plate (which includes the shelf). Push their bottom jaw forward to the full passive protrusion position and up to just engage the the adjuster component in the TOP.

MDSA Fitting.png

This should have the patient in a clinical effective position of around 75% of full passive protrusion. Adjustment will be required overtime which can be performed before insertion.

Copy of close up.png

Full lateral movement.


MDSA® component appliance can be manufactured with posterior support yet maintain full lateral movement.

MDSA Post Sup.jpg

MDSA Post support.jpg

Or in full Acrylic




MDSA® Components are supplied with new adjustment marks, logo and change in final cleaning process to overcome any chance of residue staining.

Copy of MDSA Splint.png


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