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The following information is provided as a guide only and is read at the reader's discretion. While MDSA Pty Ltd have taken every care at the time of publishing, any and all information is published without warranty, and with the expectation that the reader will make their own enquires to confirm that such information is suitable for their purposes.

The reader should ALWAYS follow their Dentist's recommendations above any and all recommendations on this page. Readers should also take care when using any type of cleaning solution on parts that may come into contact with skin, if irritation occurs, see your Doctor immediately.

CAUTION: DO NOT clean any parts of the unit with alcohol or cleaning solutions containing alcohol.

DO NOT clean the system by steam autoclave or gas sterilization methods. These cleaning processes may harden or deform the plastic parts of the unit and adversely affect their function.

Ok so you've had the impressions made its a couple of weeks later and you now have your MDSA splint.

An MDSA Splint appliance is made of a semi heat-sensitive acrylic for wearing comfort. Though it is now set, exposure to excessive heat may cause it to distort or deform. Do not leave the splint in direct sunlight or near radiant heat.

Handy Hint: To assist in the fitting of the MDSA Splint nightly run the appliance under semi hot tap water prior to inserting it into your mouth. This will insure easy insertion and immediate comfort when wearing the appliance. Make sure that the water is not too hot as the metal parts of the appliance may cause injury. Warming it prior to insertion also extend the life of the appliance in cold areas. NEVER use a microwave or oven to heat the appliance.

Care and Cleaning of your MDSA Oral Appliance:

Clean the appliance daily with a non-whitening, non-abrasive toothpaste, using a "soft" head toothbrush. Take a little extra effort on the screw mechanism to clean into the crevasses too.

Once per week, soak the appliance in a commercial denture cleaner, for no more than 20 minutes, then rinse the appliance thoroughly several times.

When your appliance is not in your mouth, store it dry (not sitting in liquid of any kind) in the case provided. Keep it in a safe place, for some reason children and dogs love to play with Oral Appliances.

Putting the MDSA Splint in and taking it out again:

Installing -

Place the appliance in warm
water for approximately 40 to 60 seconds to soften the material. Place the lower appliance on the teeth and seat it completely by pressing firmly first at the front of the unit then on the back right and back left portions of the appliance. Insert the Upper Tray into the mouth in the same manner. When the appliance is fitted firmly, yet comfortably onto the upper and lower teeth, move your lower jaw forward and seat the lower jaw plate over and onto the hook of the upper jaw tray. Finally close together to be certain that the appliance is fitted completely and comfortably. If the unit is loose or not fitted correctly, follow the “removing instruction” then repeat installing the unit.

Removing -

To remove MDSA Splint first bring your lower jaw forward so as the lower plate clears the top hook then open jaw apart, wide enough to clear the hook, and relax. Using both hands place your fingers on the left and right side upper borders of the upper splint and press firmly downward "rocking" the appliance from one side to the other until it releases from the teeth (be careful not to twist the appliance on the teeth). Grasp the front of the device and remove from mouth. Then, remove the lower tray by placing your thumbs on both sides of the appliance at the lower borders firmly push upwards on one side then the other to "rock" the lower appliance off of the teeth (again being careful not to twist the appliance on the teeth). If the appliance is retentive, try rinsing your mouth with very warm water. If it requires use of hot water remove your appliance on a regular basis you should contact your Dentist immediately.

Adjusting the screw mechanism:

Your MDSA Splint has been custom made for you and is designed to provide maximum effectiveness over a long period of time, much longer than many of the off the shelf rigid splints. The patented screw mechanism allows you to advance the lower jaw’s position, which may increase its effectiveness, or you may move
your jaw’s position back in case of related jaw discomfort. NOTE: Always consult with your Dentist or Physician prior to adjusting the MDSA Splint.

Resist adjustments of the screw mechanism during the first week after you receive your appliance (unless advised by a Dentist or Physician) . It is important to allow your jaw and teeth to become comfortable with the appliance fitted at night. Monitor your snoring, daytime sleepiness and quality of sleep during that first


If these symptoms are continuing and upon advice from your Dentist or Physician, simply place the alan key provided with the appliance into the socket and turn the front assembly from your right cheek to your left cheek (in a counterclockwise direction) to move the lower jaw position forward. Moving the key in the opposite direction shall allow the jaw to retract further.

If you have any jaw pain or lingering tooth discomfort, discontinue use of the appliance and contact your Dentist or Physician immediately.

IMPORTANT: It may take 4 weeks to determine the most effective jaw position for managing your snoring and apnea condition. It is hoped though that you will notice an immediate improvement in your symptoms. However, it is usually necessary to advance the jaw slowly over a period of time to improve the effectiveness of the appliance and maintain the comfort of your jaw and teeth.