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Laboratory Articulators

StarNew.gifHigh Quality Laboratory Articulators

Now Available: from MDSA Pty Ltd- Range of High Quality Articulators





Galetti Articulator

is solidly constructed of metal alloy casting easy to use, allowing quick fixation of model. Immediate adjustment of the occlusal & corrects imulation of central relation, all anatomical movements possible. Vibratory polished

Anatomocal Articulator

with inclisive pin, 4 mounting plates and supporting back pin for 45 view, opening 125, intercondylar distance 110MM. Available in assorted color

Professional occlusor, vibratory polished articulator

Aluminum, brass, stainless steel

Universal articulator

opening 125 with 4 mounting plates-condylar inclination fixed at 30, intercondylar distance at 110MM, Bennet angle Axed at 7, distance between mounting plates 85MM, solidly constructed of metal alloy casting, available in assorted colors





Plainline ball bearing mortimer-I occulader articulator

all filled with high carbon steel balls for smooth setting & articulation of denture

Brass hinge crown and bridge articulator

for mounting quadrant cases, crown& Bridge articulator is popular foster #57 design, eliminates the need to break off model

Full denture chromium plated articulator

Provides additional vertical dimension for acceptance of higher models. 49 wide at the joint & has a vertical span between parallel bows of 25/8

Plainline ball bearing mortimer-II occulader articulator

All filled with high carbon steel balls, semiadjustable articulator allows the establishment of more accurate or customized lateral & protrusive as well as centric occlusion





This articulator

is equipped with an adjustable anterior pin stop, and constructed of a slightly heavier gauge brass giving the articulator a

Nickel Chromium plated plain round articulator

Occlusor wire articulator

Stainless steel and aluminium

Abatomical articulator

with sliding pin





Keystone deluxe universal type-A articulator

interchangeable, insical pin included, lateral excursions.

Lightweight, High Quality, Magic art articulator

securely holds quadrant models, conserve materials & time' Quickly & easily mount pre cast dental models with the high quality. With magicart, you can securely mount & remove any size quadrant model cast with an exclusive side grip.

Foster/Apex#2 articulator

the width at the joint is 1-3/4 with a vertical parallel height of 2-1/8, the small size of this articulator allows the versatility to use for full or partial work the finish is bright chrome, high back

Foster crown & bridge spring articulator

this unique articulator allows total nexibility when applying protrusive and lateral movements. The upper bow can be reversed to provide a parallel clearance of 2-1/8 or 1-1/2, made of steel with a bright chrome finish